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Your business intelligence tool for the mining industry

MineStat is the only platform that gathers reliable and current data on all Quebec mining projects and that provides a constantly growing Canada-wide and worldwide coverage. Its simple and friendly dashboard gives you immediate access to all the valuable technical and financial data in order to make the best decisions.


Business intelligence

Let our experience and our data work for you

At GoldStat, we fermely beleive in the power of data and it's analysis. Our MineStat data base is the most valuable source of intelligence for the canadian mining industry. We collect a wide range of public data with the goal to optimized our analysing capacity.

Forecast analysis

Consumption of mining products and services

The GoldStat engineering team is constantly monitoring mining projects in Quebec, Canada and around the world. Our MineStat web application is a powerful software linked to a dynamic cross-database. Several parameters are evaluated. A methodology makes it possible to establish a predictive and regionalized model of mining development.

Analysis of mining projects

With a realistic and objective approach

We evaluate technical reports, investments, available infrastructure, social acceptability and capital costs. We have these parameters interacted with economic data such as average values ​​of commodities on a daily basis. These analyzes allow us to take a realistic look at the economic potential of projects

Wep applications

Technical software for mining companies

We have unique expertise in software and database development for the mining industry. Our software are secure web applications. We can build complex queries and offer you a unique showcase of your data.

An ever-evolving, reliable and current database

Current, reliable and constantly evolving

Our team of specialists constantly works to enhance and update our MineStat's database to ensure that your decision making is based on up-to-date and reliable data. Our geographical coverage is constantly expanding and is aimed at all the mining companies and projects listed on Canadian stock exchanges.

A user-friendly and easy to use dashboard

Friendly and easy to use

MineStat's dashboard is based on a graphical approach that makes it possible to quickly look at important indicators and to easily access detailed data.

Many Packages

For any type of use

Several packages have been designed to meet the specific needs of the various stakeholders in the mining field. MineStat offers subscription levels that are suitable for self-directed investors, financial analysts and stakeholders within the mining industry.

A one-stop window

For your mining investment decisions

MineStat's database is the only database containing all the up-to-date technical and financial data on more than 1150 mining companies (TSX and TSX.V) in Québec, throughout Canada and worldwide.